At this stage, the primary focus is reciprocity and observation- to steer clear of the assumption that nature is there for humanity’s personal use and to develop  a “symbiotic biomanufacturing proces”.

The Tree Coach project is a open source Art and Science project led by Les Usines Louise (LUL) and powered by la M[Y|NE, an ecohacklab in Lyon.

Originally we wanted to learn how to grow structural elements from trees, using communication techniques derived from observation of their natural way of growing (vegetal ethology) and rejecting abusive training methods. This method of production could have been called tree whispering, in relation to the training method used with horses.

The longer term goal was to produce living furniture/housing and other structural elements such as bicycle frames directly from growing trees, making it a CO2 consuming process and participating to a new economy of low to positive impact mfg processes. (The trees would be pruned to preserve them and maintain the integrity of the forest across generations.)
However it quickly became clear that the real issues was in he way we consider other beings like plants, can we use them at our will? Or can we establish some sort of equity?